About H-FC:

Unless you take care of your health, No Physician or Doctor can increase your Age

Healthy Food Court is all about 'Inspiring Others' to have Healthy ""Breakfast(Like an Emperor), Lunch(Like a King) & Dinner(Like a Slave)"". Now HFC providing healthy 'Dinner & Breakfast' together At Your Door Step and with in short time Healthy Lunch is also avilable.

HFC wants to introduce the pure & natural diet to everyone. Most of life style disorders due to major usage of Processed Salt, Sugar, Chilli powder, Chemical refined oil, Fast & Baked foods in our regular diet.

HFC PREPARE AND DELIVER PURE & NATURAL HEALTHY DIET WITHOUT USING "Processed Salt, Sugar, Chilli powder, Chemical refined oil, Fast & Baked foods".

Majority of the people not taking good quantity and quality of raw fruits and vegetables in their regular diet.

Very few are taking fruits & vegetables as juice in their regular diet, but raw fruits & vegetables are far rich in nutrition than juices. It's scientifically proved.

Every one is addicted to artificial flavours for taste at the cost of health.

So HFC wants to introduce natural raw “Fruits salad, Vegetable salad, Sprouts and Health drink” to all with nature given taste.

Healthy food court (H-FC) offers a great opportunity for health conscious people in supplying natural food at your door step, formulated by an expert group of dieticians & nutritionists. This H-FC pack is a total nutritional formula.

Here are some basic principles of “nutrition and dietetics” to understand and acknowledged its importance in our daily eating habits.

Whatever food we may consume (gold or grass) ultimately gets converted in to fallowing nutrients only.

Nutrients Energy per 1g
Carbohydrates / proteins
4 calories
Ftas / Oils
9 calories
Vitamins / Minerals
No calories but helps in resitance.

There should be a balance between the calories intake and output of the calories through sufficient physical activity. Excess calories consumed without activity gets convert into body fat and leads to overweight, diabetes, hyper tension, cardiovascular diseases and other life style diseases.

“Our H-FC pack contains low calories, zero cholesterol, high protein, high fiber and rich in minerals & vitamins”

Remember nutritional foods are never costly and costly foods are surely not rich enough in nutrition. Don’t underestimate leafy vegetables, even though we buy it for less price.

“Ideal body weight = height in cm’s – 100.
Ideal protein required 1g per 1kg body weight”.

Regular eating 800g of H-FC natural pack will help in the fallowing ways.
Major 8 benefits we are mentioning Below:

  1. Control the diabetes(Sugar)
  2. Overcome the obesity and Helps in weight loss
  3. Control the blood pressure(BP)
  4. Reduce cardiac problems
  5. Improves the skin glow
  6. Increase the life span
  7. Smoothing bowl movement
  8. Regulating the bad cholesterol
  9. e t c....

Important: Fiber is the major component of the H-FC pack, though not a nutrient but has a major role in smooth maintenance of the gastrointestinal tract(bowel movement). And also regulating the bad cholesterol and help as anti cancerous agent.

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